Aquaria KLCC is conceptualized and built based on the journey of water from land to sea.

Located at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Aquaria KLCC allows visitors to embark on a journey from misty mountains down majestic rivers, through lush rainforests and waterlogged mangroves. Dive deeper to navigate through colorful coral reefs and dive head on into the ominous deep blue sea.

Upon entering the aquarium, visitors will be greeted by a stylish and colourful gallery that enables them to travel back in time to discover the evolution of fish – the world’s first vertebrates. This stunning blue water exhibit aims to enthuse and excite visitors.

Experience a ‘face-to-face’ encounter with some of the most unusual, unique and enchanting marine animals. Be fascinated by the sea horse, frog fish, eels and other enchanting strange life forms that exist in the depths of the ocean.

At the Aqua Theatre, view the spectacular ocean reef and its inhabitants through a large acrylic window. Witness daily fish feedings as well as death-defying diving sessions with the sharks! The theatre is also ideal as the perfect venue for private and corporate events.

At the Underwater Tunnel, visitors reach the climax of the journey. On a moving walkway inside the 90m acrylic tunnel, a view only previously accessible to divers venturing into the depths of the brilliant ocean is presented. Visitors will be awed by trained divers and aquarists hand-feeding the fish, including rays and large sharks. A hidden shipwreck is seen slowly being colonized by inquisitive reef inhabitants, gradually becoming part of the coral reef.

The Aquaria KLCC is also equipped with Interactive Kiosks that’s loaded with captivating facts and games, the interactive kiosks are designed to educate and entertain visitors of all ages. Discovering fascinating facts about aquatic life has never been so much fun!

Also there’s Flooded Forest Tube Tank, a unique 5.3 metre high Flooded Forest Tube tank enchants visitors with aquatic exhibits that languidly swim within the water column up to the treetops.

Entrance fee
Senior Citizens (60 and above) - RM 18
Adult (standard) - RM38
Adult (with MyKad) - RM28
Children 3 - 12 years (standard) - RM26
Children 3 - 12 years (with MyKad) - RM22
Below 3 years old - Free

Information extracted from Aquaria KLCC official website.

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